Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Some customers only need one room cleaned. Since the kitchen is a place for hosting, cooking and being with family, our kitchen deep cleaning is a great choice. A kitchen deep cleaning is very different from just a normal cleaning. We touch every aspect of your kitchen. We making it a place you would want to invite friends over to cook, while having a glass of wine or make it a more enjoyable space to master your chef skills.


A kitchen deep cleaning consists of wiping down and scrubbing all visible outside surfaces including cabinets, refrigerator doors, sinks, and stove tops. All items will be taken off the counters to clean too. We also clean inside your microwave, refrigerator*, and freezer*. Our team will clean behind your refrigerator and oven, if they are moveable. Unfortunately, we don't clean inside ovens as this requires the use of harsh chemicals. Upon request, we will clean and organize beneath your sink and inside of your cabinets.  

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Our bathroom deep cleaning will make you want to shower every chance you get. We pay special attention to every detail in your bathroom.  ​​First we concentrate on the soap scum on the shower walls, making sure to scrub the walls completely. Then, turning our attention to the tub, we remove all of the dirt and soap scum there. We also clean the complete base of the toilet and the sink. We make sure that all of the hair is removed. We even scrub the bathroom walls and grout on the floor. Our cleaners will shine the outside of any cabinets and organize your products inside as well.  We leave your bathroom spotless and smelling amazing.

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